donderdag 23 juli 2015

Naturally Celebrate

This day was at prior summits the last day, but fortunately we have one more day to go! I had the honor to do the ice-breaker activity and did prepare a SMART Response quiz and a Kahoot. The SMART Response Quiz was an app logo quiz with edtech apps and the Kahoot was flags of countries from people that were at this summit. I brought a few prizes with me such as pins, flash drives, a mug etc.

With Yahir
Today we needed to think about the start of a new global collaboration project with another SEE and of course the use of SMART amp, especially now we can share workspaces with others outside the domain. I hooked up with Yahir from Mexico who is teaching computer science to 7th graders and I want them to collaborate with my 7th or 8th graders. More to follow.

During the fireside chat we got the chance to ask Greg Estell and Warren Barkley questions concerning education, SMART Technologies, the roadmap etc. That was nice and one quote I can recall from Greg was "How old is the technology in your pocket compared to the technology you use in the class room?" and this sums up the gap between teachers reluctant to use that technology that is already in their students' pocket.

Then we had to head to SMART Technologies HQ again for something special. And of course the peer mentors already what that was about! The White Hat ceremony!! Yes! The entire staff of SMART cheered for us and the head of the board gave us a big thank you, whilst we needed to reach under our seat to grap a coupon with a little surprise! The Oprah Winfrey moment. LOL. Three special big prices were a SMART kapp, a SMART kapp iQ and a SMART Board. How cool is that! The small video shows the moment all SEEs entered the building and were cheered by SMART Technologies. Honorary Calgarian again! :)

SEE of white hats cheered at SMART Technologies HQ

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