vrijdag 24 juli 2015

Naturally Accomplish

This day starts with the demoing from the outcome of the hackathon from last Tuesday. Each group needed to present their final thing and most of them were amazing! All was total NDA, so we cant' tweet, blog or post anything about it on the internet. We even couldn't take pictures of the new SMART ideas. My group didn't won the hackathon prize, but I think that it was still the coolest Notebook LAB thing ever. It was entitled 'Dino Team Quiz' and that's all I can share. ;)

After a few hours of presentations of possibly new stuff in Notebook, amp etc. we went back to SAIT Polytechnic for a presentation about Free The Children. An Educational partner in moving the world from “me to we”. Check out this site if you want to get involved. A program that I am really axious to include in my 'global citizenship' classes.

Tomorrow up for a ride in a big truck to the Canadian Rockies.

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