dinsdag 26 mei 2015


What is that?!!?

A solar charging, S.O.S.-signal sending flashlight
that can be used as a external battery for my iPhone! 

I recently read this article in a paper(!) magazine from my bank about this new gadget: the WakaWaka. The ASN Bank is a bank that cares for the environment and invests in sustainable projects such as WakaWaka. After reading the article I was really enthusiastic about it and considered this as a must-have. WakaWaka aims to end Energy Poverty by making the worlds best sustainable solar energy solutions available and affordable to the 1.2 billion people who lack access to electricity. I really needed this WakaWaka. In the magazine was a discount code that I could use to order the WakaWaka.

I'm also fond of the buy one-give principle. When buying one, you will give one away to the people or a project that really needs it. Every WakaWaka comes with a personal give one code, which you can use to select the project that you want to donate the WakaWaka to. You can find more information on the website.

The WakaWaka was delivered within 24 hours to my home and even the package was made of recycled material and was looking awesome. After I opened the package I immediately put my new WakaWaka in the sun to charge it and at night I used it to charge my iPhone. Great gadget and you should get one too!

Get yours at the official WakaWaka site.
Nederlandse WakaWaka website.
Gain 10% discount via this online form by the WakaWaka test team.
WakaWaka for sale in the Apple Online Store.

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