dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Global SEE Summit

Oh YES!! I have been selected to attend the Global SEE Summit from July 20th-26th in Calgary, Canada!! I got the e-mail from EMEA SMART Education Specialist Ainhoa Marcos and the e-mail made me very happy! The e-mail stated that:
"You are a proven technology leader and an outstanding advocate for inspiring excellence in education through the use of technology. You are simply amazing and we are absolutely thrilled to invite you to attend this exclusive event."

I've been to a SEE summit in Calgary before in 2011, but this time it's going to be a global happening and there will be around 25 SEEs from EMEA as well. This is just awesome! No it's EPIC and I'm really looking forward to meet al the other amazing teachers from around the globe.

To be selected all the SMART Exemplary Educators in EMEA and NA had to create a short video and should be about there first, best experience with SMART Notebook software or other SMART product. I did create one, but wasn't too happy after I send that one in and did create another one. Both of them are for sharing ... (as I've stated before "Celebrate failure" and the first one is just not good enough).

Take one ...

Take two ...

This year there will be about 75 of the best SEEs invited for the Global Summit. And I'm very  happy to be one of them and collaborate with them, share with them the things I've learned and experienced the past few years and will learn a lot from them in order to take a lot home with me. Happy to meet inspiring SEEs like Charity and Danesa again and more than happy to meet Rafranz for the first time. 

And on top of this Deena asked me if would like to do a workshop about Global Collaboration. I've been doing quite a few of those collaboration projects with SEEs from Russia, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, Czech Republic and the US the past year. And at the moment I'm involved in a long term collaboration project with teachers and schools from Surinam and Curacao through the Global Teenager Project. Awesome project whilst I will share at the Summit on Wednesday the 23rd of July ... I will keep you posted.

P.S. and many many thanks to the people that voted for me or any other SEE.

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