woensdag 2 november 2016

Google Mobile Bootcamp Sweden - Stockholm (part II)

Today was a very good day at the Google Mobile Bootcamp at Bromma Folkhögskola near Stockholm. I was very pleased with my sessions about Google Classroom and could tell that the attendees were happy with me sharing workarounds in Google Classroom. And due to the fact that I did this session twice today helpt me to understand and work even better with this application. Some new things and creative ideas came along, whilst sharing and discussing Google Classroom with the Swedish teachers. Can’t wait to start with this in the new period with my classes and share new ideas with the teachers in my school.

My last session was level two Certfied Educator about Blogger, Calendar (and the sharing settings) Forms and My Maps. With the help of the attendants I was able to show them how to create a form real quickly and have the content imported as a layer in My Maps, which showed the places where the teachers lived. Amazing tool. And we discussed about other pedagical values of the Google Forms and My Maps applicactions within the Google Apps for Education domain.

At the end of the day I shared the awesome workaround of the in only in gafe running collaborative tool SMARTamp, by showing the teachers workspaces that my students did create earlier this year.
Now I need to start processing on doing Google Bootcamps with EdTechTeam in the Netherlands.

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