dinsdag 1 november 2016

Bootcamp Google Apps for Education - Gothenburg (part I)

Traveled to Gothenburg, Sweden to show and share my experiences with Google Apps for Education; in particular the focus on Level 2 of the certification program. Which contains applications like blogger, Google sites, adding annotations to a YouTube video, my maps, creating forms, sharing options of Google Calendar, sharing files and documents. All in favor to work smart and focus on the three C’s: collaboration, communication and creation.
Bit too technical if you ask me, but a good way to prepare for the final exams to become a certified Google Educator Level 1 and/or two. From my opinion teachers shouldn’t worry or bother about the technical background of certain applications. Google Classroom does a real good job by being a portal for all those background technical stuff and makes it easy for students to gain access to certain folders and files and a platform is created where students can collaborate together on different tasks and assessments.
So I’ve shared a lot of stuff about Google Classroom: adding students, students’ rights, Classroom stream, reposting assignments, collaboration, adding teachers and the more pedagogical value of the use of Google Classroom. I do hope that the attendants did learn something from my sessions today and I wish them all the luck acing those Google Educator Exams.
At the Demo-Slam I shared the SMARTamp application: cloud based collaborative software, which only runs on a Google Apps for Education domain and can even be shared cross domain. I shared two workspaces created by my students and one created by my and Danesa Jepson (#smartee from CA) her students as a collaborative project.

Me and my colleague that I brought with me were very fond of this bootcamp idea and thought of the idea to organize such a thing for the students in our school. We will try to do that in our school. Will keep you updated.

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