donderdag 26 februari 2015

SMART Response

Last week I used SMART Response (the VE-version in Notebook 14) in my SMART Collaborative Classroom during geography class. Students needed to learn how to work with climate charts and had to look them up in the atlas and answer some questions. I used one of the SMART Boards for the instruction and after the instruction I shared a few Response questions: single questions and not a question set. Here's what happened:

After the first question, I could see that hardly anyone had understand anything of it and couldn't tell anything from the climate charts in the atlas being used. And at that point they really wanted to know what they've done wrong. This continued until question nr. 3 which had a percentage of more than 80%. They were really getting it and of course they scored all 100% on the final question.
It was really nice to see that after a little failure, they wanted to learn themselves and were eager to check their answers with me each time in order to have a good score on the next question (and for me to know that they finally understood how to work with climate charts). Mission accomplished.

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