donderdag 5 december 2013

SMART Collaborative Classroom

Yes! I'm one of the selected SMART Exemplary Educators in Europe to have my classroom transformed to a SMART Collaborative Classroom. In North-America there are already 20 classrooms leveled up to a SMART Collaborative Classroom, while in Europe an additional 6 classrooms will be transformed in a SCC. Four in the UK, one in Germany and one at my school.

People from SMART Technologies have visited the school I work to inspect my classroom and to discuss with the headmaster what it meant in being selected for this awesome new thing and what SMART would want in return. And even those conditions were good for me as a teacher and good for the school, since others could use the classroom as well and get the opportunity to use the latest technology from SMART all in one classroom.

We agreed on two new 600-series dual touch SMART Boards and one SMART E-70 touch panel, the new SMART 450 Doc. Cam. and loads of software to be installed and used in the classroom by the teachers and of course the students such as SMART Bridgit, SMART Response VE and SMART Notebook for iPad. Unfortunately no new SMART table for me, since the table is primarily designed for primary education and not for the students in secondary education. Unfortunately because in my opinion the new table could be used in secondary education as well, if the content is available. In this case 'unfortunately', because I would be more than happy to create the missing content for this table.
One other favor to do in return was that my school would lend me out to present at BETT in London, UK and share my experience about global collaboration and working with collaborative assessments for my students in my classroom. That is something that I really like, can and want to do! 
In the meanwhile I've created an Instagram account where I will share pictures of students working in my SMART Collaborative Classroom and have even added my classroom on Foursquare to let students check in and share their thoughts about room 225. I do hope to see you at BETT!

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