zaterdag 25 januari 2014


At the iTEC conference in Brussels - October 2013 - Peter Claxton showed me the SMART amp and explained what it was going to be. At that time I didn't have an opinion about it, because I just didn't know enough about it nor could I imagine what it would be like.
Now after four days at BETT in London I'm able to imagine what it is going to be and how it will change the way I teach in my classroom. Although it's still under construction and will not be released before April 2014.

This new revolutionary software or actually cloud-solution contains the best of many worlds. The workspace looks like a endless Prezi or SMART Ideas desktop with Notebook features, where students can collaborate together with or without teachers in al kinds of groups and share and add content as easy as in - for instance - Corkboardme And since the SMART amp account is linked to your Google account, all that is stored in Google Drive can be shared with multiple students with just two clicks away. Students can work simultaneously in real time in the same document, just as in Google Docs and they can add different types of content such as URLs, pictures, documents, text etc. from any device that has an internet connection and a web browser. And this is what it makes it very powerful. There's no focus on one or a few types of operating systems or devices, so everybody can join regardless the device they're using. I'm enthusiastic and am really looking forward in using this tool, especially in my new SMART Collaborative Classroom.

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