zaterdag 26 december 2015

Rewind 2015

This past year was - professional wise - a very good year. At the beginning of 2015 I was invited to do a talk for new students (6th graders) and their parents about future education and at my school was selected to speak at BETT (London, UK) with friend and SMART Exemplary Educator Emil Waldhauser about the Global Collaboration projects we did with our classes. Throughout the year I did some other presentations during the 'week van de mediawijsheid' (digital footprint week) at two schools in our community and a presentation about SMART Notebook and interactive whiteboards at at a geography teachers conference. And at last but not least I made it to the European part of the EdTech team ... How about that?

I also was selected to attend SMART amp Champs (Madrid, Spain) and the global SEE Summit (Calgary, Canada) with friend and colleague Henk-Jan van Mierlo amongst many others whom I got to meet again at these SMART professional development conferences which were amazing and gained me a lot. I even got the chance to speak at a staff meeting at SMART HQ which gained me SMART kapp iQ for my SMART Collaborative Classroom. Very happy with that!

Besides the use of education technology in my classroom such as the multiple SMART Boards, the new kapp iQ, 1:1 iPads, SMART amp and Google Classroom I did a few field trips with my classes. The trips to SEE Cédric Mainil in Belgium and to Emil Waldhauser in the Czech Republic were the best. I introduced LEGO in my classroom, and am just getting started with that ... al this passes by in this short video that I created. Enjoy.

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