donderdag 11 december 2014

#ThrowbackThursday: How SMART changed my teaching

Since the first moment that I got in touch with the SMART Notebook software at a resellers store somewhere in the Netherlands I was immediately touched by it's simplicity which could be of great use in my classroom. This platform came across my path and I knew immediatly that this was I was looking for. I needed SMART Notebook. All the content that I had collected in the past years such as websites, newspaper cut outs, video and animation, photo's and pictires could now be in just on lesson created in SMART Notebook. This. Was. Epic.
It was SMART Notebook 9.7 at the time and there was no Lesson Activity Toolkit, no page grouping and none of the powerful features that it has now and still I thought it was amazing! I got a laptop computer from school to create Notebook lessons and a few months later Notebook 10 was released and I was invited to join the SMART International User Forum (precursor of the SEE Summit) in Sweden in 2008. A trip that I will never forget and where I met some great SMARTians and great educators whom I still consider as my friends today. I got hooked and from that moment on I was even more amazed by the innovative technology solutions for the classroom designed by SMART. During the SMART International User Forum we received a full license for SMART Ideas and I could only dream of having a SMART Senteo set in my classroom or full license of Synchron Eyes running in school. And now we have it all and many more in SMART Notebook 14. Heading to SMART Notebook 15? I'm game!

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