dinsdag 9 juni 2015

SMART amp Champs: discussion on pedagogy

When SMARTamp shifts your teaching from a teacher centered style classroom manager to a more coaching teacher and the curriculum is more student driven, perhaps rules are necessary. In order to gain learning and have respect of others’ work.

Should you be using rules when using SMARTamp in your classroom? Should these rules be created by students themselves or should they be created by the teachers? This should be considered in order to make this work I guess.

Rules when working in SMARTamp could be:
  • don’t touch or remove work that others created.
  • don’t spam the chat
  • don’t spam the workspace
Or from a different perspective, when you focus on the things that are allowed:
  • respect opinions
  • respect property

In my experience and opinion I think that you as a teacher should first give them time to play. ‘playtime’ is not working, but getting to know the workspace, the way SMARTamp works and have them express inappropriate language as well. They'll learn. Especially when they realize that not only you the teacher, but others in the workspace and perhaps from other countries as well. It’ll take time, be patient as a teacher and they’ll start creating their own content real soon. Make this a students centered workaround and not a teacher driven/centered thing. It’s all about pedagogy …. again.

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