vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Creating Global Learners at #BETT2015

I applied to do a session at the BETT show again about Global Collaboration, which was turned down at first. Later I received an e-mail from the organization that my application was accepted and was due on Wednesday the 21st in the Learn Live Session arena for secondary education. Yes!

I talked to my friend and global collaboration partner and SMART Exemplary Educator Emil Waldhauser that I would like to have him as co-presenter, since he was attending the BETT anyway. He accepted my invite and we created the presentation in Google Drive, in order that we could both contribute to the presentation. Online collaboration indeed. Whilst I'm writing this now, perhaps we should've created our presentation in SMARTamp. Especially since we mentioned that in our presentation a few times and to the fact that our students collaborate online crossing borders in that same online platform SMARTamp.

The presentation was visited by a few people we know, such as my dad, Ainhoa (from SMART Technologies) and a lot of others that showed a lot of interest afterwards and did ask questions to us. I haven't heard any British accent and it's great to have them in the Google+ group for Global Collaboration. The presentation is for sharing and to be viewed by everybody that's interested. Stay in touch!

Video shot by my father and SMART Exemplary Educator Ad Berlijn:

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