zondag 26 oktober 2014

Creating Global Learners III

With my World Citizenship classes we collaborated with the class of SMART Exemplary Educator Emil Waldhauser in Rakovník in the Czech Republic during the first weeks of September. This was meant to be an experiment on how to use SMARTamp workspaces between different countries, instead of within the school or district. I've done a few collaboration projects with Emil before so setting up was easy. We both agree on the fact that todays students should be taught to be so called global learners in order to become a responsible global citizen.
Emil prepared a few questions and shared them in a SMARTamp workspace, so that my students could answer them in small groups. My students were able to sign in, due to the fact that Emil created a school account for my classes to join the class and workspace in the domain of Gymnázium Zikmunda Wintra in Rakovník. Some of my students took this first session very seriously and some didn't. Even though they had fun, collaborated and were really surprised that they could work within one workspace with the Czech students and that they could actually see in real time what our contributions were. Magic.

At the beginning of October I traveled to the Czech Republic with a large group of students to visit Prague and to Rakovník. We payed a visit to Gymnázium Zikmunda Wintra as well, where my students attended a few lessons and of course with teacher Emil Waldhauser. During his class my students were working with an amp session again. During classes I was interviewed by the local press together with the principal of the school and we stated out that both our schools (and personal) really liked working with each other and that we thought that students growing up as global citizens was very important. We agreed on working and collaborating more together ...

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  1. Hey guys! Good job! Why do you have Russian song in your video? May be because you know that I want to be with you in such collaboration ))))) This is one of my love song )))))) Smiling to see your job. Good luck!

    1. Oh yes, definitely. ;) But, shire, we would like to have you in too. Although it's not possible for the Gold Star BETT-challenge. That's a two SEE only challenge. Do you have any ideas about a topic? I do. What about child rights etc. We could compare Russia with the Netherlands. I've got a small group of 9 students that are great working with!

  2. Do you want to have "Children's right" as Gold star BETT challenge? It's possible if you will have two projects, one with Emil and another one with me. But it's difficult. I have one more project too, with Ashlegh. Or we can do it only as SMART amp project?