dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

Global SEE Summit #smartee Twitter Chat

While at the Global SEE Summit in Calgary, Alberta two weeks ago Rafranz hosted a Twitter Chat. It was the first one that most of the attendants were in the same room while tweeting and sharing their thoughts on the questions. Last week the NA SMART Exemplary Educators did a Twitter chat and the topic was the Global SEE Summit. And this was really helping us SEEs from #SummitWithdrawals ... We all miss the summit a lot and weren't finished at all.

Rafranz created the question to review the Global summit and shared the questions with me afterwards, in order to do the same in our time zone. The North American Twitter chat was at 3 AM CEST and there weren't that many EMEA SEEs attending. So Bryony (SEE from Schotland) and I thought that we might give it a go this week with the same questions.
  • Q1 We all accomplished quite a bit last week both personally and professionally. What was your greatest #smartee accomplishment?
  • Q2 What one new thing did you learn about SMART NB or Amp that you can share? (nothing under NDA) #smartee
  • Q3 We all made global classroom connections last week. How will you realistically get and keep your classrooms globally connected? #smartee
  • Q4 What is your one big thing that you will implement right away because of the Summit? #smartee
  • Q5 Share one thing that you learned from an international friend! #smartee
  • Q6 If you could change or improve one thing last week, what would it be? #smartee
  • Q7 What would you like to say to someone who made a great impact on your life last week? #smartee
And before we started the Twitter chat, we did some housekeeping. Nothing NDA should be shared, because we signed that agreement for the Summit and when answering a question, people should respond using the number of the question in their tweet. The questions will start with a Q followed by the number. Answers should begin with A followed by the number of question you’re answering.
The twitter chat was from 7 till 8 PM CEST, but it took at least 15 minutes more. People were enthusiastic. And before we even could start with question number 1, the chat was already running on another topic: world citizenship, digital citizenship, digital footprint, digital tattoo and what should or could be taught in that curriculum. Very nice topic and would like to do a tweet chat about that topic.

The tweets are captured in this Storify. And tweeting from tweetchat.com is very useful during a Twitter Chat, because it automatically adds the hashtag that's been used.

P.S. I would like to thank Rafranz for sharing the questions and Bryony for doing a great job hosting the Twitter chat with me! Thanks.

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